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NOTE: I no longer post on this website. It's too restricting and too much trouble. I do continue to write stories, you can look up RaisedByMusicc on almost any fanfic site and I will be there. Wattpad is probably my most active one that I get on the most. My Jalex tumblr (Jalex-feels) is also the next biggest one :)


Hi guys! I am Ashley! I'm 18 and i live in the US. I read way to much fanfiction but then again i don't think anyone could ever just be a 'casual fanfiction reader'. I read lots and lots of Jalex and Kellic. That about it really. I can never seem to get into anything else. I also write my own stories! I am working on some stuff right now! Feel free to message me and talk to me!

Warning: I do write lots of sexual content, so If you have a problem with that, than dont read my stuff.

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    mumbled "Long time, no see."

    Wow, I haven't been on here in such a long time. I don't post anything to this website anymore, had too much trouble in the past, haha. One of my stories went up to 8K reads, that's awesome. If you guys want to read them and ones that I have continued to write, I have accounts on wattpad, tumblr, atlff, and more. Just search RaisedByMusicc and I'll be there ^-^ Ill probably get back on in maybe another 5 months XD
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    I just realized my story was put in there /.\ Aw! This website needs more Jalex, not just me! <3
    The Movelly Awards
    The Movelly Awards
    *drumroll* Welcome to the 1st Movelly Awards 2014!!!!! Nominate someone below for each category and awesome prizes up for grabs! See chapters for details!
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    mumbled "Please Read - Regarding my stories and account/"

    So, since I have recently run into some trouble with some of the admins ("Ambassadors") about some unclearly stated rules, I will no longer be continuing my stories on Movellas. If you wish to continue reading any of my Kellic/Jalex/5SOS stories, you can read them on any other of my fanfiction websites.

    Thank you for understanding.
    -Ashley xx

    Wattpad: wattpad.com/user/RaisedByMusicc
    Mibba: mibba.com/Member/322423/
    Tumblr: http://jalex-feels.tumblr.com // http://allmykellic.tumblr.com
    Quotev: quotev.com/raisedbymusicc
    All Time Low Fanfiction: alltimelowfanfiction.com/Member/10781/
    Sleeping With Sirens Fanfiction: sleepingwithsirensfanfiction.com/Member/..
    Pierce The Veil Fanfiction: piercetheveilfanfiction.com/Member/10781..
    5SOS fanfiction: 5secondsofsummerfanfiction.com/Member/10..
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    Just some very unclearly stated rules that ended up in me taking down 10 stories.

    In the T&C's it says that if you are over 16+ and your story is rated correctly than you ARE allowed to post sexual content. Then, near the end it says that you cant post sexual content. In The rating system it says that any descriptive content involving sex must be rated "Red" or 16+, then at the bottom it says no sexual content. It was clearly stated how much sexual content is really allowed in someones personal story.

    If you guys are really that against sexual content, it needs to be stated more clearly in the rules by just flat out saying 'no sexual content will be posted.' Then detail. Instead of saying yo can and cant.

    A lot of my stories and many other fanfiction writer, will always more than likely involve some form of smut. For some reason, that's just how fanfiction seems to work. Its different than a regular story. Because of that, I was forced to remove 10 of my stories because there was inappropriate subject matter in a couple chapters. So I would rather not use this site because I cant even post my writing.
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