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So because I have decided to keep this account then I have decided to change this around. My name is Kate and although it used to be Poppie then that's one of my book characters name that I fell in love with. I have brownish hair and yes I live in Australia.

I hope everyone that follows me understands that the reason why I'm back is because over on Wattpad I have silent reads so if you want me to post books then I need people to comment on my books.

  • Kate Sparks
    Do you do book trailers?
    Kate's Cover Store
    Kate's Cover Store
    Anything you ask for provided! Covers, blurbs, backgrounds, stories, titles, book trailers, character names...you name it, anything you want really! MAXIMUM WAITING TIME IS TWO DAYS BUT WILL PROBABLY BE...
  • Kate Sparks
    What do we need to give for you to make someone a book trailer also do you cost any money?
    The Trailer Book
    The Trailer Book
    A place for me to store and display some of the trailers that I've edited. This is not a store.
    the force of storms
    Sorry, but I don't really take requests anymore. The new CC0 policy means that people can't use my trailers unless everything is copyright free :(
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    I would like to be in this book. My guy is Zayn and my relationship with the boys is I'm Liam sister and Louis's my best friend
    Niall horan fanfic
    Niall horan fanfic
    Hey everyone:) writing this new fanfic. If you would want to be in this story just tell me details, the boy you want and the type of relationship you have
    Kate Sparks
    vor 3 Jahren
    Oh and Zayn and I are nearly engaged
  • Kate Sparks
    Hey guys. I have a problem and that is I need a co-author to help me out on one of my books. I refuse to do the chapters that are needed because what the content in the chapters but I do have an idea of what needs to be in the chapters so if anyone can help me then that will be very appreciated.
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