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I make films and I watch films and I am films.
But I also love to write
Aspiring gangster, coming of age, mockumentary, sci-fi director and actorererer.

STUFF I've made:
Daylight Music Video
Living with the Dead
The Sun Always Rises

STUFF I've appeared in:
Mars Bar college Advert (2015)
Deadline short film (2015)
Daylight Music Video (2016)
She's a Rebel Music Video (2016)
Stress Experimental film (2016)
The sun always Rises short film (2016)
The British Guys short film (2016)
Filmophilia short film (2016)
All in the name of COLLEGE
All available on the YOUTUBE

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    Hey guys so I'm a filmmaker and would like to get your thoughts on coming of age films and books as a genre. Does each one tell a different story, or are the high school flicks all re-runs of a similar tale told with different characters and settings? Personally I LOVELOVELOVE them as we can relate them to our own lives and we can learn things from them that may help us in our own personal journey from teenager to adulthood.
    The Otaku Shipper
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    A lot of coming of age stories are good but some are just crappy 'high school problems omg love life popularity' sorta things...
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    I agree, I think they are done better when they deal with actual problems such as depression or a lack of friends and the whole misfit sorta thing and how they cope with that. Especially as lots of kids watching can then relate and understand the characters better:)
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    This has a nice feel to it, I'm intrigued by the prophecy and the description of the battlefield in the first chapter was particularly well worded. The line 'the shadows were alive, it seemed, alive in the drunk joy of watching death claim others' is real nice and enthralling! I'd remove the '(jerkface!)' bit, but other than that this is really gooooooooooodd!!!! :D
    The Guardians: The Fallen
    The Guardians: The...
    //If y'all would care to remember my first story that I ever posted on Movellas: The Guardians- Runaways. It was not good, the characters were bland, in my opinion, and oh! how many grammar mistakes can...
  • Phoebellamy

    mumbled "SHOUT OUT (MORE SPFX)"

    Shout out to @[Caza] for being an awesome human being and here are some more spfx I have done recently on me and my friends for a costume day at school! Thanks again :D
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    That's some good makeup. I was genuinely concerned for a moment.
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    @[~ZellaTheFanficWriter~] Thank you so much! yeah don't worry- all makeup :P
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    Shout out back to @[Phoebosaur] sorry my laptop's been a pain so I haven't replied sooner! Shout out back to you for being an even cooler human being! They are so cool. I love showing people stuff like this because they freak out! You're getting better! Love it! :-)
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