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I'm Sam. I rarely update and find a lot of the works on here really cringey because I wrote them a long time ago. I am trying to get back into writing, so follow if you want, I will be trying.

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    mumbled "I'm gonna try."

    Well, I think I may be back. Possibly. I've posted for the first time in months (maybe even in a year) so that's something, I suppose.

    Although, it's taken me ages to actually work out how to use this site again and I'm still confused.. I'm sure it will come, eventually.
    Anyway, I have new story ideas that I really want to write, I just need to actually kick my butt into gear and physically write/type them. Maybe, I should ask for help in the butt-kicking..
    Whatever, this was just a thing for whoever is still paying attention out there, though I would not be surprised if I'm typing to no one since it's been so long. *shrug*
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    I am having a fangirl attack because Pj replied to the comment I left on his Twitter video and I couldn't breath properly for the first 5 minutes or so!
    I couldn't believe that he replied! When I saw the Google notification, I expected it to be that someone just like my comment but no, it was an actual reply from Pj!

    I'm just gonna go and sit in a corner until my feels have calmed and then go and watch more Fairy Tail...
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    mumbled "Evil Tamaki Suoh"

    I'm watching Vampire Knight and the voice actor who plays Zero and his twin Ichiru also voices Tamaki Suoh in Ouran Highschool Host Club. These characters are very different. Zero is a vampire while Ichiru is a bad guy who had almost the exact same voice as Tamaki. During a confrontation between the twins, Ichiru says that he's going to kill Zero and all I can picture is Tamaki meaning that it seems like Tamaki has become a murderer and wants to kill people.
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    mumbled "Another down, 20+ to go"

    So I am finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist. I am planning on watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood another time because according to the wiki, it is the same kind of events as the first series but it's more like the manga. So to avoid confusing myself, I am going to watch Fruits Basket and then go back to Brotherhood some other time.

    I don't even know why I mumble about this stuff.. I kinda feel like no one cares but I do it anyway because it gives me something to do and I like writing about random crap..
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    mumbled "Arty Farty :D"

    I just ran around my garden (two out of three sections cause I was in bare feet and didn't want any nettle stings). My mum let me use her big fancy camera because I told her I wanted one so she told me to practice. I felt like a fancy photographer :) I want a camera more now
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