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My name is Pamela, I am an aspiring almost twenty or so writer from Canada Ontario. I am a slightly sadistic fangirl, but other than that I can be quite pleasant. I am in love with Bo Burnham, Dylan O'Brien, and Grant Gustin; most of the shows I love are SYFY. And sometimes I can be a bit mental.

My writing consists of fantasty and Sci-fi, fluffy things; also, sometimes I do fanfiction of my favorite shows.

I hope we can chat and get along smoothly! :)

Other Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pamelaiswise
Tumblr: http://thedoctorsbowler.tumblr.com/
Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/pamelaiswise
Deviantart: http://pamelaiswise.deviantart.com/

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    Hey guys! So I am going to be starting to rough out the comic for Trash Bin of Cliches soon as well as posting and grouping together some of the content on this Site! I have created a new DeviantArt account to post some art on for that, as well as a preview at a new writing series I am doing for Trash Bin of Cliches to get to know the characters!

    This is going to feature characters from Kennedy and Willows past before she met Sawyer, including roomates from college, their first love, and a couple others! I am really excited to see your take on it!
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