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I'm just hopeless romantic stuck in high school, but my only escape is by writing and reading, So that's what I do and I love it! :D

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    mumbled "it's been too long, i know"

    I'm so, so, so, so, so, sorry for not being on Movellas in like forever! I haven't worked on like any of my stories and I apologize for that because I suck I know. It's just I haven't been able to write and what not, but I promise I'll try to write some more when I get my inspiration back, I hope you don't hate me, love y'all guys!
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    mumbled "My computer is sick :("

    Sorry for not updating any of my stories lately. My computer crashed and i'm currently on my mom's computer. When i get my computer working i promise i'll start to write more, but for now just bare with me, it has a bad virus and will take awhile to fix. but thanks for reading any of my story i'm really grateful for it. :)
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    mumbled "It's Been Crazy"

    Okay so lately i've been feeling really down on myself and what not so i'm not really inspired right now to write which is the reason behind my lack of updates on the stories i've started and left hanging, sorry for that. Also in my last blog (or mumble-weird name) i told y'all if you needed a cover you can ask me, and i got some feedback and i haven't notice until just now but those who need a cover i will get that to you soon i hope, okay well i'm super tired so i'll hit the hay, see ya ;)
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    I dont i still feel like Zayns the bad guy like hes still planning something so that when he reveals his devious plan harry can swoop in and save Melonie idk i just love them together
    Falling in love is easy. Falling out is the hard part. Now put a smile on your face and act like you're okay, even though you're going insane over that curly haired boy.
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