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Greetings! I'm Edward and I'm a proud author/artist. I've been writing short stories since before kindergarten and I love exploring new worlds/ideas for my books. I currently actually have two series: the Craaven series (which I've started here on Movellas but you can read the sequels on Wattpad, and the Demon series (only on Wattpad for now and undergoing edits but will be available to read soon).

I love all things dark, mysterious, or unexplained, just as much as I love cats and the Victorian era :D. Yes, I'm a proud steampunk... but I also love the circus aesthetic with a burning passion.

Feel free to recommend me good reads or to message me just to talk :)... lol I need new friends XD

I hope you all enjoy my books and art that I'll post!

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    mumbled "update (# that I forgot because I haven't been on in a while)"

    Hey creeps, so I've decided that I won't update until I get the cover situation sorted out. If anyone has managed to upload their cover please tell me how you did it! I NEED THIS KNOWLEDGE! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!??
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    vor 4 Monaten
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    Apparently the iOS app will upload the cover. Not sure if you need the correct size for it to work though (800px by 1000px)
    Noir Creations
    vor 4 Monaten
    I'll check it out, thanks!
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    mumbled "Update 17"

    Greetings! I finally published the sequel to Craaven, Eyes of Fire! Hope you enjoy! Also, I'm sorry for the temporary lack of a cover. I tried loading it multiple times but for some reason, it won't let me. I'll try to get it taken care of but please bear with me for now. Thanks!
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    mumbled "Christrmas Eve!!!! Yay!!"

    Happy Christmas Eve to everyone! I updated two chapters of Craaven and whaddya know, it was the last two chapters of the rough draft :/. That's okay tho, because even though Craaven is finished, there are still sequels coming up XD. Definitely check the next book out, Eyes of Fire, and if you enjoyed Craaven, please let me know! That's all guys! and happy holidays!
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