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Hai. How are you? I'm either awesome or very pissed rn. c: If you're fake, get the steppin', if you realer than real, why aren't we talking. I don't sugarcoat anything so if you can't except the truth, your problem, not mine. So let's get things straight. I'm Kat, the new girl on Movellas c: I'd love to make friends with you. I'm sometimes outgoing, funny, and very hyper. So if you need someone to lift your mood, Kat's here.


-Kat ����

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    mumbled "Thankful"

    I am thankful for chicken, and One Direction and 5SOS.

    Jk, jk

    I'm thankful for everything and everybody!!

    @[exoticmalik♡] Nat. I am extremely thankful for you. You're an awesome friend, my bae, and you're very special to meh. And haters gonna hate boo but they're mad because they're not you c: ily baby cakes xx

    @[imperfect dreamer] hey Flawless ♡ hru and we have to talk more. Ily and tbh you're awesome af c:

    @[FlawlessxQueen ] TYA ♡♡ ily on so many different levels. We were kindergarten baes from the start sweets. Ily with all my heart and you're not like a sister to me, you are my sister. Thanks you are so freakin awesome even though you're grounded 24/7. Ily bae.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    nataly :)
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    vor 5 Jahren

    Love, kik us I need your halp.
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