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I'm a Writer and a Reader, dedicated this profile to one my favorite character Niderudion. I tend to update frequently which I write more on weekends, but if something comes up I can't, I have a life too including school. I also have many stories in case I don't know what to do next, I focus on something else, then I might have an idea when I come back to it! I also write on other sites, but this is my main one.

I am planning to have other sites I go on profile on here:

- https://www.inkitt.com/nideron


- http://www.mibba.com/Member/403827/

- https://www.wattpad.com/user/legendaryfever

Just letting anyone who Reads This Know

von , Samstag September 21, 2019
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Just letting anyone who Reads This Know

About information on Story

I will have more posts like this about various things related to the story

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  • Niderudion

    mumbled "Next Chapter of ❝You're The Love I met❞ is out"

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    "Where are you taking me?" As I say that I feel others glaring and throwing daggers at those two.
    So that's what it is. Pure jealousy. That ideal thing that can get the best of you. Love turns into hatred, friends turn into enemies, peaceful families turns to fighting families, marriages turns to divorces, relationships turns into breakups, and harmony turns to war.
    You're The Love I met"When I met you, I felt love for you that no one else had ever done to me" "And I believe sense you seen me, it's been nothing, but eternal love" "You...
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    Okay thanks, I'm still thinking what should I update next, I can't decide
    scarlet rain
    vor 4 Stunden
    I enjoy the Arranged marriage.
    vor 2 Stunden
    Alright thanks for the input.
  • Niderudion

    mumbled "Legendary Forest Chapter 15 out (Does anyone actually read this?)"

    Quick question does anyone actually read this.... by the way an updated less confusing version of the entire story is on wattpad under the name legendaryfever, I am also working on putting all my stories on there. Of course I'll still go on here. This is basically my original works and other sits are edited versions.
    The Legendary Forest:After the big fight and the redivals oversaw the seven magical kingdoms in the forest. After everyone started to hate them, it was thousands of years...
  • Niderudion

    mumbled "Next Chapter of Secret Love is out"

    Secret LoveThey always want me to find someone They tell me how to look and what to wear They think if I do that then I'll find someone But what they don't know...

    When Senanne's friends encounters Ristondany's brother, things take a quite turn. Marshal becomes attractive to her love's brother and Alista becomes attractive to Ristondany himself. Meanwhile Ristondany is still confused about what each of his siblings had to say to his beloved. When Senanne gets quite upset over what happened with her friends and her 'Riston', will she be able to forgive everyone?
  • Niderudion

    mumbled "Chaper 4 (after preview) Arranged Marriage"

    Soon I arrive back at the front of the house. I carefully slipped my dress on and stepped inside. I didn't talk to anyone. I didn't look at anyone. I was still too annoyed. I hated Aspen and Arhina even more. They tried to threaten my brother with me and I wasn't having it. I just stayed in my room. I just stared off in the window. Tears kept falling down my face as I wished something would change. I'd never felt threatened like he threatened me. I especially don't want to be related to people like that. I sighed and went to my covers and fell asleep.

    I awoke to arguing downstairs. It was odd, it was usually peaceful. Did they found out what Arhina and Aspen did? I hope they get something done to them or even have Arhina not marry Ahren sense they did that. I get up excitedly as I head to Ahren's room, but I was surprised when I got there.

    "Ahren?...Ahren? Did you already go downstairs?" I wonder out loud

    I headed downstairs and I didn't see him there either. Where was he? I needed to speak to him about what happened yesterday. I saw my parents talk with Hashmin and Aspen ad I wonder what it was about. Ahren wasn't down here either. I asked a servant if he went outside and the servant just shook their heads. I was stumped. Where was he? I hadn't seen him since I left them to distract Arhina and Aspen.

    "Ahren? Ahren? AHREN!? AHREN?!?!?!?" I cried out

    I felt alone, like something was wrong. It was unusual for him to not ever see me in the morning. A felt a tear fall down my cheek as I headed upstairs to see if he was in our parents' room. He was not there either.

    Arranged MarriageI was told sense I was young I was to be married at the age of 17. I was to be married to the youngest Noble of the age 19 in the Eldon Lands. Then I...
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    @[joanmelda] and @[mywifiext] I do not appreciate advertising under my mumbles. Also please don't talk about unrelated things under mumbles.
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