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I love food, niall horan, one direction, Harry Louis Liam and zayn, but don't get me wrong. Hate spoons. :)

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    Okay I know this is a lot to ask but instead of just an imagine... You do a lot of Harry imagines on here and you're a great writer... I was wondering if you could do a one direction full book for me? Niall? My name is Molly and I could give you details later if you can actually write an entire book but I understand if you can't, it's a lot to ask, thank you! Love you :) <3
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    I would love to! Although it will take me a while to write it. I'm working on a new Movella currently, and now I nearly finished "What About Love? What About Our Promises?" and I know people will be asking me to write a third book to that story...buttt I'm willing to start writing a story for you. It will take me a while, like let's say half a year? I know that's long but I like to write the whole thing first and then add more, or delete something....but I would be updating it like any one of my stories. So...if you want to give me details, I'm willing to write that down and start brainstorming with a new story ;)

    Annnnddd you're just so sweet! Thank you for the kind words you said <3 My future plans are to become a writer, haha, hopefully it'll happen, and maybe soon I'll write a book :) Thank you yet again <3
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