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My love for Niall Horan goes deeper than I can explain. People tell me that I'm obsessed, but I don't care. People tell me that in a few years I won't even remember his name, but I will. I don't care what people tell me, I will forever and always be Niall's Girl and a Directioner.
I also do requests. If you request something though, it will probably be shorter than most of my other fanfics.

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    @[@AndreaGonzalez] I will be posting the first chapter to One Last Thing Before I Go 2 within the next week or so. Check out my mumbles for more info! ily!
    One Last Thing Before I Go
    One Last Thing Bef...
    Karen Goodman is a very brave and strong women. She is very ill and she only wants three things before she dies: To go to a One Direction concert, meet them, and fall in love with someone who loves her...
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    YAY!!! I feel bad for Niall tho!! He's lonely!! I swear if this was FOREAL i would go to him and try to make him feel better. xD but thanks for making a squeal!!!! ily too!!!
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    mumbled "One Last Thing Before I Go"

    Okay, I have been asked on my fanfic (named above) to update. Well, I wasn't planning on updating or anything. It was going to end and there wasn't going to be anything else. That would be the end. But, I was thinking and I have made a decision: I will be creating a sequel! It will take a while what with school, cherrleading, and having a social life, but I am going to take a different approach this time. Instead of working on it for months and publishing it all at once, I will update and add new chapters every few weeks. I promise, this will be bigger and better. ily!
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