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Hi everyone my name is Nia-Imani but i go by nia . Im live in maryland in usa and im 22 years . I love music and my favorite band's are one direction ,the saturdays and the fray . My favorite member from 1d is Louis William Tomlinson but i also love niall and liam as well . its quite weird because all of my friends gave me the nickname Nialler's Twin because of his and my first part of my name being so close and i kindof excepted that anyway i love writing and i have a few idea's for a couple of fanfics in the works but slowly but surely planning them out day by day . i just dont want to disappoint my future readers out there as i hope to become a writer one day . I cant wait to share my story with you guys and hear your opinions wheather they are good or bad it just helps me become a better writer and after all your opinion does matter . I hope to hear from you guys and get to know everyone of my future readers i hope you have a wonderful day and remember to keep calm and always love one direction .

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    mumbled "Surprise : Mixed Love 2 Update "

    Hi guys who's excited about the new Mixed Love book . Im currently working on it right now as we speak and am trying to get it put up no later than wednesday or thursday . Im currently writing it out during the day time and at night im i will be typing it up until its finish . this chapter is going to be alittle long considering its been almost a year since weve last updated but fear no more i will be posting or at least trying to post every week . so please bear with me as i am trying to get into the sway of things again and if you have any questions or want to talk about your thoughts and comments then let me know .

    -With love
    Nia .
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    I love your story . Can't wait for next chapter
    Rock Me (liam payne fanfic) [EDITING]
    Rock Me (liam payn...
    Annabel was Liam Payne's Best Friend & Girlfriend...Well That Was Until He Left To Audition For The X-Factor..Liam & Annabel Drifted Apart...Annabel Gets The Chance To See Liam Again... Will Liam Remember...
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