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I write on here and on wattpad. My user is @HarryOfficial
My instagram in @harrysimxgines
My twitter is @Harrysimxgines and @NarryNations

I will update as much as I am able to. Thank you ilysm

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    mumbled "Sorry"

    Sorry I have not updated. I have had school and have been very busy. I went to London over the weekend and then into Manchester(because it's about 15-20 minutes away from Warrington lol) and then went to visit my nan in Macclesfield. I have done loads of travelling so you can say. I will update whenever. haha love you.
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    mumbled "New FANFIC!!"

    I MADE A NEW FANFIC AND IDK HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT! IM SO EXTREMELY EXCITED TO WRITE IT AS WELL AS THE OTHERS!! sorry for the multiple caps lock.. oops. Oh and School for me, starts tomorrow. And I am not even asleep yet. hahahahaha omf. night and hope to update soon!
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    after... cough cough
    Dumb FanFic Moments
    Dumb FanFic Moment...
    this is a pretty pointless movella with alot of reads.Thanks.. 12•17•14 Just realized I slept "a lot" wrong..oops 1•5•15 Just realized I spelt "spelt" wrong. I'm an idiot.
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    vor 5 Jahren
    vor 5 Jahren
    HAHAHAHAHA I HAVE READ THE FIRST AN SECOND I GOT BORED WITH THE 3RD! LMAO!! they are too weird. it's like, sex, drugs, breakup, sex get back together, sex, sex, end.
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    Isn't that book from Wattpad by Anna Todd or something?
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