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"It's rude to say 'I love you' with a mouth full of lies"

Hello there! I am Molly Nina as you can see, my friends call me Hammy though.. so you can too if you like. I would put the bunny badge by J.K. Panesar up but..(Don't laugh) I don't know how to do it soo.. LOL!! Social sites:

Twitter: @molly_nina

Instagram: I need to make an insta.. I had one but I forgot the password! Smart..

I would give you my number, but I need to trust you before I do..

I love singing, dancing and acting. And who could forget.. WRITING!! I love writing. I may not be the best at it but I still love it and would love even more if you all could read my movella's and give me feedback.

That is allllllll

xx Molly Nina

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    mumbled "Halie Ranee"

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    Who's seen Halie Ranee's video's on you tube? She is the most amazing singer and her video 'Hello I'm Halie' made me cry, it's so sad that all of that happened to her.. I suggest you guys go and watch them, she is amazing.
    Her twitter is @hellohayliee
    Molly Nina
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    wow I never realized how much of a bad picture that was..
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