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I write horror/Fantasy/Thriller/Romance/Depression/
Poetry/ and I'll take requests if wanted.

Childhood- building up me!

von , Sonntag Oktober 8, 2017
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 Childhood- building up me!

First grade

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  • Mistopia

    mumbled "A rewrite is in Order."

    vor 18 StundenAntworten
    SO, I'm rewriting my most popular story.
    Held Dear -- Betrayal.

    I'm gonna pretty much keep the beginning, but as for where the story goes, I didn't quite like where the original went. :(
    So, I'm gonna think it over, and take into consider any recommendations from people who've read my story. Hope you guys are as excited as I am.
  • Mistopia

    mumbled "does anyone have any questions that I can ask my oc? "

    vor 18 StundenAntworten
    I need people to ask my oc questions. I don't know what to draw her as, so If you awesome people could ask her a query, I'd appreciate it!

    Her name is Ren, and she's a mage in modern times. Age: 19, Personality: Sassy / Confident / Competitive
    So, yeah.
  • Mistopia

    mumbled "Hello World"

    vor 1 MonatenAntworten
    Ok, so I'm having a bit of highschool dilema. ANd it includes my author-ness. SO, we have a thing called 'personal project', where we pick something -- anything-- to do to improve our skills at it. I've chosen three things. 1] write my official M. Diaries story [not the ones I have published currently, because those are gonna go], 2] do digital art on flipaclip, and 3] write a comic. FULL COMIC not animation. Which two should I do to improve? [btw i'm new to comic and animation skills, but i think im doing good for being a nooby.] Please, advise me with your guy's wisdom.
    vor 1 Monaten
    Any chance you get to improve your writing is probably a good idea ^^ The story obviously and the comic. These are the ones I would choose. But in the end, it should be what makes you the most passionate and something that you won't want to abandon mid-way. Hope I helped :)
    vor 1 Monaten
    I think you should definitely go for whatever you are most passionate about.
  • Mistopia

    mumbled "Thirteen words For the Day"

    vor 2 MonatenAntworten
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    Hello, my fellow writers! Here is the daily thirteen words to get your imagination flowing! The challenge is to write a short (or long) story using all thirteen words given below!! Have fun and good luck!!

    1) Anti 2) Anger 3) Alliance 4) Bounty 5) Century 6) Crave

    7) Dare 8) Debt 9) Cutthroat 10) Disciple 11) Doorway 12) Echo

    13) Silhouette

    Try it out!!
    Rain :)
    vor 2 Monaten
    Goodness! I shall give it a go..... can't promise anything!
    vor 1 Monaten
    I will try I guess but if I do you will have to read it!
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