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What's up!? No one will probably read this since my device doesn't let me write any of my stories�� but if anyone does decide to read this I'll tell you a few things about me.

I'm a HUUUUGE fan of Magcon boys and one direction!!! My favorite is Matt Espinosa and Liam Payne. My dream is to become a professional singer. I play flute, ukulele, piano and a little guitar. I love to read the fan fics on this app expecially stories that are filled with mini imagines! Expecially sunflowerhypster_ so if anyone reads this follow sunflowerhypster_, 1Dluver1166 and akmcgraw35!
And btw my wattpad is Mikskye so pls follow me bc my actual stories are there!

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    Love ur chapters! Fan all da way!
    Stay Strong
    Stay Strong
    Carly Kreson has been living in a flat in London for 2 years now. She has been going through some tough times. With her parents dead and her sister in the hospital, she can really use some good news. What...
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    Awesome, absolutely awesome chapter I loved every bit of it! Get well soon!:)
    The boy with irish accent and blue eyes
    The boy with irish...
    It's all about imagination. Maybe what I call reality is just a dream and the pain I feel only in my head. But I don't want to be responsible for someone else's pain even if it's just an imagination. "You...
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    Pls don't let this be the end! I'm crying right now bc I loved this story so much! This is awesome! Pls make a sequel like Elliep said pls! Think about it tho
    Look Alikes || Do NOT Read!
    Look Alikes || Do...
    ŠCopyrighted|Ariana A. Twins? No! Look Alikes? Yes! This is the story of Harriet Miles, Nia Heron, Leigh-Ann Drayne, Zayla Mavrik, and Louise Tomson. They are in a small band together that we formed called...
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