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Graduated from The Citadel with a BA in History. Eagle Scout. Served one year at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, and served three years in the U.S. Navy as a Culinary Specialist and Boatswain's Mate and am now currently working at TAPCO making Die Cuts for signs on both roads and highways.

  • Michael Mulhollon

    mumbled "Long absence and future stories"

    In two weeks I will publish the next Empire Chronicles that I have been writing since the last one, but because of the many similarities with Star Wars I changed the main heading to Star Wars The Empire Chronicles and in the story there will be an explanation to the change (story wise). Also after I publish this story I am going to take a TEMPORARY break and write and publish three stories that I have written when I was in the Navy called Mad Mike.
  • Michael Mulhollon

    mumbled "Suicide Squad is AWESOME :)"

    When I heard the reviews I first thought that this is another superhero movie Warner Bros. interfered and messed with, but when I saw the movie it is COMPLETELY different :)

    The only upsetting part of the movie is there are some scenes from the trailers that are not in the movie.

    For example: The Joker pulling a pin of a hand grenade with his teeth and tossing it at someone before saying "Bye bye."
  • Michael Mulhollon

    mumbled "What to where at Star Wars Celebration"

    I just bought a ticket for the Star Wars Celebration in 2017 at Orlando and since this is my first time I'm trying to decide whether to go casual or cosplay.

    Any thoughts?
    vor 3 Jahren
    Yeah, it depends on what you plan to cosplay as. And congratulations on getting a ticket to that! I hear they're hard to get.
    Michael Mulhollon
    vor 3 Jahren
    I don't know about now, but when I checked the prices the tickets were $65 a day for four days (except $75 on sat.) while purchasing tickets for ALL four days is $150.


    I bought $150 deal :)
    Michael Mulhollon
    vor 3 Jahren
    Groovy :)

    Good thing I have plenty of time to decide and make up my costume :)
  • Michael Mulhollon
    I am not trying to question the way you are writing but shouldn't Boba be emotionless if not a little angry (especially after witnessing his father get decapitated by Mace Windu)?
    The Mandalorian Jedi
    The Mandalorian...
    AU. Kote Runi, is a Mandalorian Jedi Padawan. Her Master was killed on Geonosis Boba Fett, son of Jango Fett. When his father was killed on Geonosis. He thinks he is alone. When he meets Kote, everything...
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