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Hi! My name is Alexis I live in New York and I have no idea what else to say...

I am a Louis girl and I can not even begin to describe the feels I get when I see pictures of Louis. I really just want to crawl into a hole and sob uncontrablly.

I am also a Larry shipper because they are just well freaking in love and need to come out already (just saying)

I freaking love Ed Sheeran and Cher Lloyd.

Oh and I love to write (obviously)

I write a lot of stories so for all my readers I am just going to give you an idea of what goes on inside my brain so if I start a new story you won't get mad at me (hint hint)

50% One Direction and the things I would do to them (teehee)

1% School

49% A shitstorm of a bunch of ideas for all different stories and all different ideas for new chapters

So with that going on in my head and if I get a really good idea for a story...

I go onto my computer write the first chapter and post it

I know I have a problem... There should be a rehab for it I swear

So please read my stories and I will love you forever!! <3

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