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I love winx club and I am obsessed with fairies, vampires, werewolves, and, most of all, mermaids

  • arianna_spork12
    To be honest with everyone that has read this, I actually thought that none of my stories would get read. I love to see the number of reads increase every single time I update. If you're wondering why it's on hold, I am thinking up characters, and accepting everyone's characters.
    Bloom (ON HOLD FOR NOW)
    Bloom (ON HOLD FOR...
    Winx club is about all of the Winx, right? Bloom is all about bloom. Bloom's whole life story ever since she was born (with a twist and new characters). A Winx Club fanfic
  • arianna_spork12
    Title: Bloom *A Winx Club fanfic*
    Author: ariannafairyofwater
    Summary: Winx Club is about all of the Winx, right? Bloom, however, is about Bloom. The fairy of the Dragon Flame's whole life story with a twist and my own characters. *a winx club fan fiction*
    Ideas: picture of bloom, (search on google images "winx club bloom") a dragon made out of fire surrounding her. The rest is up to you
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