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"Either Write something worth reading or do something worth writing" - Bengamin Franklen

  • ♡Allison_M_McKinley♡
    Username- #Nialls_Food_Dealer and #Liam's_Batwoman
    Title- Perfect?
    Blurb- He's the one that thinks that she's perfect. She's a shy quiet B honor roll student. He's a undercover jerk he's sweet but doesn't show it. He has tattoos and fast cars. She has a clean reputation and She just moved here. Will they fall in love at first sight?
    A Quote- 'I might never be your knight in shining armor, But baby I'm perfect for you'
    Freedom Cover & Banner Store
    Freedom Cover &...
    Cool Covers and Banners. I would love to start making covers and banners for you guys!,and when I'm done with them they will be placed in the store!(If wanted) So I really look forward to making tons...

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