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My name is Alex. I'm 15 and live in Maryland. My bestfriend is @Stylinsonstylin. Fan her if you fan me. I love my fans and I fan back. <3 :) ~Alex
Follow me on IG: fairybreadirwin or eatingwithnouis

Facts about meeee!!! :)
•I'm 14
•Favourite colour- PURPLE:)
•I'm in love with Ashton!!!!
•My favourite song is Disconnected.
•I have 2 besties! Sab + Heaven
•I love internet friendships
•I ship Larry
•I played soccer
•I play guitar, Bass, Piano, and drums.
•I'm in a band:)
•I have dip dyed hair
• I really do relate to the girls in my fanfics and I try to use as many characteristics like me as possible

*Love Falls In 3 Or More
*The 4 Sisters
*Love Is Unfair
*Twilight [Harry Styles Fanfic]
*Being His Sister
*Our Imagines
*Unexpected Love
*Love Me
*The One
*Gotta Get Out

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    OMG. It was amazing!!!! Thanks so much for my cover!
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