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A law student who likes writing on the side. I try to be here as much as possible, but I'm a busy bee!
If you need to contact me swiftly, please email me (comes to my phone) at madoucscastle@gmail.com

If you have any stories you'd like feedback on, feel welcome to send me a message with the link and I'll be happy to give some CC. May take me a while if I have exams but I tend to get it done.

Kik: poppymadouc

Certified nerd, sci-fi and fantasy lover. Give me recommendations!

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Movellian of the…. Timeframe undecided…

von , Sonntag April 9, 2017
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 Movellian of the…. Timeframe undecided…

Number One

So the first Movellian of the whatever is here!

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  • Madouc

    mumbled "HI guys"

    vor 5 MonatenAntworten
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    So, I know I've not been active for quite a while, which I apologise for, but I'm here to say I'm not going to be active much, certainly for quite a while.
    I'm working on my law degree, which as you can imagine is very time consuming, I mean I've filled an entire bookshelf with half of this semesters reading list, let alone the years worth. So I'm not apologising for my continued lack of activity on here, just simply giving the reason why. XD
    So I'll still drop by every now and then, and if you tag me I might see it (maybe), but until I get my wig and gown, I apologise, I'm going to be a bit of a ghost.

    Feel free to unfollow me, remove me as coauthor or whatever, that's all fine, and I wish you all the best.

    Love you guys,

    Madouc xx
    Midnight Rogue
    vor 5 Monaten
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    vor 5 Monaten
    Good luck for the future :)
  • Madouc

    mumbled "Guess who’s back, back again! "

    vor 11 MonatenAntworten
    My exams are over and I’m back for the summer!
    Not that I think I’ll get that much writing done. ��
    vor 11 Monaten
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    Well, at least, you came back at last. If I had anything to say about my own timing, I might as well just give up and say 'never'. Life's too hectic~ D: :X

    vor 11 Monaten
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    Life is too hectic. XD
    It’s this pesky education business! XD
    vor 11 Monaten
    I couldn't agree with you more xD I know my college and everything's done but it's time for career choice and I am just.... agh, I give up D: xD xD

  • Madouc
    vor 1 JahrenAntworten
    This is really good!
    A Crash in the Night
    A Crash in the Nig...
    Dave Paulding was many things. He was an assistant producer and survivor of the infamous ‘Bump in the Night’. He was a ghost fighter and borderline pyromaniac when under his sister’s influence. He was...
  • Madouc
    vor 1 JahrenAntworten
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    This is really, really well written! :)
    Expelled in Sixty Seconds: A Raegan Mckenna Fanfic
    Expelled in Sixty...
    She's got an amazing bedroom that's always messy, masses of money she spends on fast-food and video games, a picturesque house that's never felt like home, and a perfect family that wish she'd never been...
    Jem Wakefield
    vor 1 Jahren
    Aw, thank you so much!!!! XD
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