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I am MaddieCream32 and I love to write books! I also love to draw and I love to be with friends and family!

The God of Mischeif Loki Layufesson

von , Montag April 23, 2018
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The God of Mischeif Loki Layufesson

Loki Layufesson the God of Mischeif

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  • MaddieCream32

    mumbled "Hey Guys"

    Hey, its been awhile but i am back. Alot has happened since the last time ive been on. Me and The Kawai Emobish have broken up and our Fairy Tail books are now seperate. I am working on my own Fairy Tail book and I am on my last chapter. I will post if i get positive feedback on it ^^
  • MaddieCream32
    Oh BTW Tamera's past (MY OC) is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY different

    If you want me to redo this book or make other kind let me know

    I might redo it TBH 0.0
    Real or a Dream
    Real or a Dream
    So the reason I am doing this story is to my friends and fans! I have read stories from other book sites like this ans thought it be cool to do! This one is when Me (Madalyn Reynolds) gets transported...
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