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Just another normal Movellian... ^_^

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    mumbled "...Well...I think this is good-bye... :)"

    To be very honest, I haven't been on Movellas for more than a year now. And for that, I think I'd like to start fresh - like maybe make new account after deactivating this one. It was fun when I was addicted to this site. Maybe I just might not come back on here. Either way, it was fun meeting everyone and it's nice to know people like what you write. :)
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    Wow! You have awesome drawing skills! I wish I could draw like that! :D :P
    Victoriana (Manga)
    Victoriana (Manga)
    The Manga version of the Movella! (also the first original manga on Movellas ;) ) Drawn by yours truly. To read the first three chapters of Victoriana, please go here: http://www.movellas.com/en/book/read/20130218192622...
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    Omg! Yay! You updated! You are the best writer EVAH!!! XD
    Me while readin the first two Chapters: *faint* xP
    When Stars Shine (OneDirection/Werewolf)
    When Stars Shine...
    I stood outside looking at the forest. Letting out a breath, noticing a smokey type substance. I stepped down onto a stair and sat down, letting the wet snow soak into my clothes. I pulled my hair infront...
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