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    Name: Lilly Heart
    Age: 14

    Godly parent: Athena
    Capture the flag: blue
    Years: 6 years
    Weapons: two daggers imperial gold
    Personality: quite she doesn't talk very often but when she does she has a very serious demeanor if she around the right people she will laugh and smile. She has mood swings she could be laughing at a joke one second and then the next she could be very annoyed with you, and when angry she has a sharp tougne that can break down anyone.
    A Real Camp-Half Blood - Open -
    A Real Camp-Half...
    This is like The Real Hunger Games! Except Camp-Half Blood btw the authors of The real hunger games are Cambie Shadownight and Kennedy Shadownight ( hope I spelled all of that right ) anyway yeah please...
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