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I love LOVE. I'm totally a directioner.
I watch A LOT of TV and I have like 20 shows to watch in one day :)

Follow me on twitter as @Kahlan609. Check me out on wattpad as WeirdCreations. Look me up on instagram as _laguerre.gaelle__. I love all my lovelies. Everyone are LOVELIES.
My head keeps going on with these story ideas that I gotta throw them in my imaginary trash can because they won't be good stories at the moment. Developments are coming!!!!

Your dreams are right in front of you as long as you make an effort to reach it -Life_Directioner
When it comes to love which do you listen to your heart or your brain??-Life_Directioner

ILY guys so much. I try to work on my stories, but I most likely will just rewrite them.

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    mumbled "Hi Guys"

    hey guys. I know I haven't been here in a looong time. I've unpublished both my stories. I dont feel motivated to write them anymore. I feel bad for leaving you guys hanging like that. I've been reading a shit ton of books on wattpad. My username is weirdcreations.
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    mumbled "I'm Back!!!!!+New Updates"

    Hey guys!!! Im finally back to start writing again. I FINALLY got my new laptop so expect some new work from me in the near future!!!!!

    Okay so lets get down to business...
    As some of you have seen I have unpublished the chapters from GGLBB and NSA. I'm editing the chapter because they aren't how I wanted them to be. The chapters weren't the way I pictured them in my head so I'm gonna edit them and it may take some time 'till i post those chapters again. In the meantime expect a new book from me. I have been working on it for a long time and I hope you like it.
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    mumbled "I REALLY WANT YOUR OPINION!!!!+ some news"

    hey y'all. I REALLY want you opinion. Do you think I should publish The Trouble of Falling in love this month or the next?

    And the news is that I plan on finishing GGLBB, but I'm not sure about No Strings Attached. Please please please tell me what you think.
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