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Hello people I do not know!

My name is Lenix Snow, call me L if you want.
I sing, and obviously I write as well.
I am a girl gamer and I love making edits of photos.
Let's see, I'm very awkward and a bit shy when you first meet me but eventually I'll become the crazy person I am.
What else? OH!
Delilahana Minisaki is my bestie in real life, so ya know. She's my bestie. XD
I like people on the internet and I'm willing to be friends with y'all!
Oh, and thanks for everyone who are currently supporting my books 'Emprestons' and 'A Second Chance'
Keep at it!
~LS :)

  • Lenix Snow

    mumbled "Helloooooooo :)"

    When did I get 23 fans? I haven't really been online, I have been trying to publish on here but I guess I've gotten lazy, I mean that is a normal thing to do when you are on summer vacation right?
    Anyway, I'm going to begin working on a new movella, it's sort of like a fanfic for an anime called Sword Art Online but with my own characters and my own world and things of that sort. So I hope you guys enjoy, if anyone actually reads this... So yeah!
  • Lenix Snow
    I don't know if the person who is holding this competition ever reads the comments but, I'm gonna withdraw from the competition. Yes, I really wanna compete but I have so much planned for this story and I don't wanna post it and have it only be 3,000 words. No offense to the creator of this competition but I really wanna show my skill and what I have to offer in this story so, if any of y'all are interested in reading the story the prologue may be posted today. But, I won't have a cover for it just yet, so yeah!
    Hopefully this isn't illegal or prohibited on movellas to promote your own book on a competition comment section but I just wanna let this person know that they will not be expecting an entry from me. Sorry if this caused any trouble.
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    Oh God Lauren...you're such a noob on Movellas it breaks my heart to see this comment!
    Lenix Snow
    vor 5 Jahren
    Well all of this is true, and I am probably one of the noobiests noobs here XD
  • Lenix Snow
    Everyone, this wonderful person is currently working on the book.
    So yeah... I don't mean to be mean but please, don't rush her. A fanfiction based on Attack On Titan takes time to perfect.
    By the way,
    thanks for the troll *she says sarcastically*
    From Above: Attack On Titan
    From Above: Attack...
    "Eren! Don't you know what you're doing?!" Mikasa cried from the branches. Her eyes held hot tears, trailing down her face in agony. Eren smiled weakly. "Mikasa, I always do."
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    *sarcastically* love you two Lauren!
    Lenix Snow
    vor 5 Jahren
    Well then... That makes me feel so much better about myself, *she says sarcastically*
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    mumbled "I want to talk to y'all a lot more!"

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    I wanna be more interactive with my 16 fans XD
    Anyway, I have entered my first contest and it is of course The Walking Dead competiton.
    Like I said before, this is my first contest and it would mean the world if you guys ( my 16 ) will support the book that will be published as soon as possible.
    My amazing friend, Delilah Arende, told me about the contest when she was on Movellas on my phone, so I took the opportunity and entered the competition! SO! Like I said, please support me in this contest, thank you all so much for your support already by reading my books and becoming my fan, it is well appreciated!
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