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Hello! I'm Theresa but you can call me Theresa or any nickname you make up for me. Here are some facts about myself:

1. My birthday is on December 16,1999
2. I live in California
3. I love One Direction!!
4. I have a crush on a certain Irish blondie
5. I'm a nerd :P I'm in high honors and get straight A's
6. I'm a shy person
7. I'm left-handed :)
8. I can talk English and Spanish
9. I'm very insecure and self-conscious not sure if that's the same thing but moving on...
10. Duh!!! I love reading!!!
11. I am a hardcore Larry Stylinson shipper. So if you're gonna send hate, this is all I will say to you: *points finger at sky* *you look* "Oh look, there goes the fuck I give."

Well that's pretty much it. I will write only Larry Stylinson stories. Or if I get a request for something different I will try to write it. :)