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Hi, I'm Alex, I haven't been on here for a while for personal reasons but I'm finally getting back into writing :) so yeah, check out my stuff :)

  • ladyy-bugg
    I absolutely loved this, there are a few grammatical errors but the writing as whole is very powerful, you have managed to perfectly describe my feelings at so many different points in time. Amazing.
    Lonely wolves
    Lonely wolves
    I wrote this very quickly, so I apologise for every possibly mistake. I have felt so lonely for so long and now, with the feeling coming back as always every summer, I thought I would write something down....
    vor 6 Jahren
    I'm really glad you think that, thanks. I honestly wondered if people would understand the way I'm referring to babies and wolves, but maybe it's easier than I thought.
  • ladyy-bugg
    Thank you for all the amazing comments, I appreciate every single one, I will try and update when I can but I've been really busy with gcse's lately, I'm going to try and update tomorrow as I have some free time but no promises guys :)
    Tom's Riddle
    Tom's Riddle
    What if Tom Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange had a daughter? Would she be accepted in the wizarding world or will she be prosecuted for her parents crimes?
  • ladyy-bugg
    I'm absolutely loving this so far! Please write more! :D I love love loooovveee dramionie!!!! :D
    Forgive And Forget (dramione)
    Forgive And Forget...
    Dramoine Harry Potter Fan Fiction :) Hermoine Granger returns to Hogwarts for her final year, naturally becoming head girl. Draco Malfoy, also returning, is head prefect,...
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