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love one direction Percy Jackson 5sos and music

  • Lacy Styles 123
    Update plz it's really good I love it
    Little Miss Irwin (Ashton5SOS one-shot)
    Little Miss Irwin...
    When Sahra discovered she was pregnant she left her boyfriend/musician Ashton without telling him about the child so he could focus on his music career. After almost two years it's time to tell the truth.
    vor 5 Jahren
    This is a one shot, meaning it's meant to be like this. No updates. (: Sorry! Glad you love it though, thank you (:
  • Lacy Styles 123
    Name: lacy crystal jackson parent: Posesidon apperence: ginger hair blue eyes that change color in emotion a long sea foam green dress but turns into a shirt and leather leggings Attitude: gets anger but kind Percy Jackson's twin sister. Weapon: bow and arrows and sword riptide
    Camp Half-Blood (Your character version)
    Camp Half-Blood...
    This is a story that in which YOU have created the characters. To make one, follow these instructions: 1: Make a character and fill in these details about them (the ones filled in are my character): First...
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