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Hiii! <3 I'm new to Movella and excited to share my stories with all of you. My bestest friend: Jblover678 read her stories and dont forget to fan her <3 As you can tell i'm alittle obsessed with Koalas. Just a little. ;) See ya! <3

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    This was entertaining! I love interviews!!
    The Movellas Book for Interviewers, Interviewees, and Authors
    The Movellas Book...
    Join me as I interview some of the most aspiring authors out there on Movellas! Idea 'borrowed' (with permission, of course) from Naj (N. S.), also the first interviewee. She wrote 'The Movellas Interview...
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    Omg really!!! Yeh sure if you want too I would be so happy too. Thank you!! Do u do the interviews over kik?
    vor 6 Jahren
    I can't give it over the Internet but is their like a chat thing or anything to keep it private?
    vor 6 Jahren
    I sent you an email! Did you get it?? Oh and did you mean .ca or .com? i put .ca ill send one one on .com
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