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Hi, my name is Špela. Umm yeah I bet not many can even pronounce that. But that's okay. The Š is basically a Sh sound in Slovenian. Well I'm all mixed. Slovenian-Italian actually with a little Croatian & I live in Australia. I love Australia. :-)

Anyway my middle name is Kristijana and most probably can't pronounce that either. The j is basically a long i sound, that's an i as in India by the way. So the ij in the middle of Kristijana is a very looooooooooong i :-). I normally go by Kristijana, but in the English speaking world, Kixi is a lot easier so in fact unless it's something formal, I call myself Kixi.

I love sci-fi.
Star Wars
Star Trek
Battlestar Galactica
and the list can go on forever.

I'm a fan of Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones & Tombraider too.

I'm a gamer and I.T nerd.

I'm into martial arts. Mainly ;
Aikido / Aiki Ken/Jo
Jediism (Okay that one isn't real, but I sooo wana be a Jedi)

I'm a lesbian and proud of it. I have a partner and her name is Jhasmin & we're so inseparable!

I'm a polyglot cos I can speak at least 5 languages. In fact I love languages and linguistics.

I normally role play here. This is my main character profile.


On this page are links to all my other related characters I have role played in that universe.

I have also written and submitted stories at fanfiction.com.


All stories on both links above are related to each other or in the same timeline /universe. Mostly the Star Wars Universe. Stories in the fanfiction site are crossed universe between Star Wars and Stargate.

The following is my own website which still needs a lot of work.


Lastly the Movella on this site, KnM Blade / Kixi 3000 series is not related to those on Star Wars RP Chaos or Fanfiction.com, nor is it set in the Star Wars or Stargate universe, but instead in my own created setting.