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  • KitIsTheOne
    Definitely has a 50 Shades of Grey vibe ;) I'm not a fan of smut myself because I get uncomfortable, but I thought it was alright! I can see English isn't your first language, so grammatical stuff is whatever. Who likes grammar, anyway? :) Interested to see where this goes, seeing as her brother just died! Love the name (Marcus) ;) Xx
    50 shades of McCann
    50 shades of McCan...
    "I'm not going to do it!" I yelled at him, but my body told me something else. I needed him, I needed to feel him every way I could, but I knew it was going to destroy me. "I'm sorry sir, how do you want...
    Emilia Mader
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    Haha yea, actually I sat with the persons and couldn't find a name so I thought; "Big brother, big brother, hmmm, oh Marcus!" Haha xxx
    vor 4 Jahren
    I definitely know what you mean! Keep going with your story!! Xx
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