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Username �� I know I came up with it two years ago. All of y books are carroty beyond belief but I suppose you have to start somewhere. If you read and vote for my books then thank you.

  • Kevin!!!!!!!
    Omg I agree with the mocking jay one when Finnick died I literally went crazy and me and my friend spent ages moaning about it, I mean isn't Prim dying enough?
    Rants about things that annoy us. DON'T COMMENT TO HATE BECAUSE YOU WILL BE REPORTED. Ever wanted to tear your hair out by the strand? This book will make you want to! (it did us, anyway!)
  • Kevin!!!!!!!
    Love ya to leni poo!!!
    The Day I Met You (one direction fanfic)
    The Day I Met You...
    Leni and Lucy are bestfriends, more than friends, almost like sisters from another misters. They decide to go clubbing one night which is when they bump into a certain 5 people and........... you'll just...
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