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hi im mackenzie
andi like to watch
the walking dead
and stalk chandler

(((sorry ive been away forever)))

wattpad : b-abel
twitter : @diet_mountindew
instagram : young_and_dyingg

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    mumbled "who rlly cares what this is called"

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    wow all of you are probably think "did she died and come back from the dead" or "did u drop of the face of the earth or"

    but no i an alive and surprisingly not dead from all the tears cried since the walking dead season five trailer came out. tbh they look like they were gonna get butchered then bob stepped in saved the day and then bam ginger baby (aka judith) is back and cuter and looks more like a ginger then ever. and there's the psychopath garret or whatever and carl and and wow my heart just ripped into two pieces

    anyways i haven't been on this site in a while because 1: wattpad is bae, 2: i can't be bothered to download the movellas app again. but, for the people who even remember who I am and read my previous (ratchet) stories, a new one is coming (maybe in five months if u know me). it's parable gonna be a short story and the updates won't be to frequent but they won't be five months apart that's for sure.

    i always wanna talk about school. i am in middle school (cue tears and gasps). im fifteen, so im either in grade eight or nine but who knows because my school is on strike and school might actually not start till october and it might not even start then because of the crazy a(ss) teachers

    so i am not dead anymore and i hope to begin writing on here and maybe find a friend or two because I have none

    love all the current thirteen of u lovely babes

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    mumbled "idk ok"

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    hi everyone

    i know ive been away forever, and i wouldn't be surpised if half of you left. im gonna try to stay active but i cant guarantee because the internet exist

    and chandler riggs does to so that just makes everything harder

    (((my wattpad is b-abel so follow be there bc im on more there)))
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