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Most people call me Mels on here, I usually go by edvin these days, but I don't really mind. I've been here since the 7/7/2012 (which is a long time).

I speak Swedish and English and know minimal Finnish(but my Danish is good enough that I can understand what is written, however, I can't speak/write any) so, either language is fine.

I love writing, although I have been on a bit of a hiatus, and reading new things (as well as drawing). I'm doing my GCSEs meaning I have little time for hobbies.

If anyone needs a new fandom, Stand Still. Stay Silent. is definitely a good webcomic or Alice isn't Dead for a podcast, and I'm part of many fandoms, most notably WtNV and The Sandman. Ask me about podcasts and Class on BBC3 is amazing.

If you do read something of mine, read party at the end of the universe

NaNoWriMo and also a whole bunch of with form gcbse nonsense this month so, let's see if it goes better than last time.
I came second in the graphic novel section of a competition once.


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    mumbled "Critique or just please read it and tell me what you think?"

    If anyone could critique my piece that would be wonderful, or even just read it and tell me what you think, what you expect would happen, what you'd like to happen, etc., etc. It is waiting for a review at an on hiatus review store right now, but as I'd like to write more, if anyone can offer anything, I'd be very pleased.
    Party at the End of the UniverseTwo teens who realise that a billboard at bus stops in north London for adverts have been going up for a widow service they say for the one that left us...

    Thank you
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