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  • JustAnotherGuy
    Your story is interesting and your writing is refined. I don't see much problem with your writing. Maybe a small grammatical errors like "half conscious" would be the only flow? If this is your first writing in movella, then I am amazed by your potential.
    The Retaliation effect
    The Retaliation...
    Dr. Natalie Reyes is a Forensic Pathologist who lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. She starts having sessions which engulf her in a series of intense pain, eventually she realizes she developed powers making...
    C.H Silver
    vor 9 Monaten
    Thank you, and yes this is my first story.
  • JustAnotherGuy
    Are you still creating covers? If then, could I request a cover from you?
    Title: Lancaster Chronicles
    (You don't have to put a name)
    Idea: Knight in the center and a modern city in the background.
    (I haven't made a summary yet)
    Sky's Covers
    Sky's Covers
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  • JustAnotherGuy

    mumbled "Some problems"

    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems with edit and saving their covers?
    John Bryan
    vor 1 Jahren
    It's not just you I was having problems trying to do that on Friday and I just read and replied to a mumble from @[-jiminified] who is also having problems. Not sure how many other users might be having similar issues with this.
    vor 1 Jahren
    I'm having the same issue. I asked @[-jiminified ] to upload a cover for me on a story that we're co-authoring in because I couldn't for some reason and she said that the same thing is happening to her... it's very frustrating and disappointing that movellas doesn't pay attention or reply back to people who are having issues on here.
    John Bryan
    vor 1 Jahren
    It seems that there is some behind the scenes stuff going on with movellas I heard about from a former ambassador that they didn't want to go into too much detail about, but seemed to believe things will be sorted sooner than later and get back to helping sort issues and generally being a well run site the way it was when I joined and for most of the years I've been a movellian.
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