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Hey! Hope you enjoy my fan fictions as much as I enjoy writing them! I will usually write fan fiction on Demi Lovato, 5 seconds of summer and occasionally Dan Howell! If you like what you read on my profile then feel free to like, favourite and comment on my movella's also if you want to get a notification every time I post a new story or chapter please press the fan button!!! Have fun reading folks x

  • JustAnotherLovaticX
    Cool story! Thanks for the shoutout btw ;) Js (Just saying) YOU NEED TO UPDATE!!!
    The Boy At School|Dan Howell
    The Boy At School|...
    Jessica, is just your average 17 year old girl, who moves to London with nothing but a bit of money, her phone, ipad laptop, she moves into apartment number 75 and moves to a new school, well ordinary...
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    Thx I will!! She's gonna meet someone soon and no it's not who your thinking!
    HI! What happened to FaceTime?????
  • JustAnotherLovaticX

    mumbled "Is Phan real?!?!?!?"

    7hrs ago DanIsNotOnFire posted this on his twitter:
    Dan Howell ‏@danisnotonfire 7h7 hours ago
    a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone's favourite angel bean @[amazingphil
    WHAT THE POOP! Favourite ANGEL bean! Is something going on that the fans don't no about?!?!?!
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