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The sun goes down and it comes back up,
The world it turns no matter what.

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    I’m ready to publish something a little different on here... Despite my work on Minds, I started a newer project recently, since the world of Harry Potter recently caught my imagination once again. I’m prepared to publish the first chapter here after a few final checks and I might get to the end of this with something I’m truly proud of.
    The actual idea itself is no new one- but I’m hoping that the way I’m writing it could produce a new outlook on the idea- a new outlook on a character stuck between two sides, two lives she could lead, two places she could be. I’m hoping that this said outlook could help bring something new to the table- something different. When I publish it- I hope you’ll enjoy it. But for now, I will continue my work behind the scenes. Maybe when you see it, you’ll enjoy reading as much as I am enjoying the writing.
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    Hey! I’ve been gone so long, oh my God! I published a new chapter to Minds yesterday though and I thought I’d spread the word. Check it out if you want!

    MindsIsabelle Blackstone has been able to read minds since she was nine. Now she's 16 and she frequently wastes time reading people's thoughts; undisturbed...
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