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I am the new UK editor for Movellas. Having been working in publishing and creative writing for the past few years, I am really looking forward to reading all your exciting Movellas (and hopefully offering some helpful feedback). I am a short story writer and am currently trying to finish a novel. Feel free to ask me to have a look at your work and I will try and leave something useful for you to think about.

  • Jordan Philips

    More awesome stuff!


    We need reviewers for a book we are featuring in a new contest. It is around a new title called Salvage and promises to be very cool. As ever, please email me if you live in the UK with addresses (jordan@movellas.com).

    We also have more copies of Noble Conflict for people who would like one and would like to submit a review. Again, please email me!

    vor 5 Jahren
    Can i ask who the author is for Salvage? I'd like to look it up to see if it's my kinda book, thanks :)
    J.K. Panesar
    vor 5 Jahren
    Salvage by Alessandra Duncan... I think.
    Mina Rowen ☕
    vor 5 Jahren
    I'm starting to really regret not living in the UK.
  • Jordan Philips

    mumbled "Questions for James Dashner?"

    The incredible author, and star of our Virtual Reality contest, James Dashner is sitting down for a video Q&A this morning and will answer your questions about his books or writing process. What would you like to ask him? Get your questions in quick and the best will be picked and asked to him!
    vor 5 Jahren
    My little brother has a Question: (Jack)
    Do you find writing difficult on days that look so amazing?!
    vor 5 Jahren
    I emailed you back regarding Darkness but I never got an answer, I think something is wrong with my email. Anyways you have my permission :) Thank you!
    vor 5 Jahren
    Jordan are you leaving? D:
  • Jordan Philips

    Eye of Minds and Teardrop


    If you received books for the Eye of Minds of Teardrop book club, could you please email me at jordan@movellas.com. We would love to get some reviews of Eye of Minds in the book club and will be starting the Teardrop book club very soon! Thanks.
    AliceMay Jones
    vor 5 Jahren
    I recieved a copy of both and I'm currently reading them!
  • Jordan Philips
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    Apologies - we were experiencing technical difficulties last night that have now been fixed. You can now join and get involved in the book club!
    vor 6 Jahren
    its still not working for me.. i really love this series like saying im obsessed is an understatement! i REALLY! want to join! but it wont let me!
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