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The names Jai �� l play the guitar if u have any questions just post them on my wall

  • Call_Me_Jai
    I will be transferring this book to my wattpad account: jaialvarez
    I will also transfer a few of my most popular books too. They will be edited and made longer, going into more detail and some other events will happen in the books please go check them out on my account :)
    Tomlinson Sister's (16+)
    Tomlinson Sister's...
  • Call_Me_Jai
    I'm restarting this cause I didn't really like how it turned out the first time sorry guys :/ but this one will be way better
    Opposites Attract (Luke Hemmings)
    Opposites Attract...
    Harley Tomlinson is going on tour with her brother and a certain band called 5sos her and Luke don't get along at first but will everything change with a certain situation comes up? Always remember opposites...
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