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    Name: white fox Color: white eyes: blue power: healing story : abused at the age 11 has scars on face. Ran away from former pack and was accepted by the eveningstar pack. Finds her mate when fighting against a mother pack
    The Becoming Of The Packs
    The Becoming Of...
    This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course....
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    Ment to say another insted if mother
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    alright, added you, but I still need a photo of you.... is your name actually White Fox, or is tht your type? if it is your type... I need a name still for your character :D
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    do you want me to find a picture for you if you describe what kind of wolf image your looking for?
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    This book touched my heart because I too was abused at the age 11 and it made me stronger. So thank you for giving me strength and courage.
    The White Wolf
    The White Wolf
    From abused to trained, what will happen when Evie clashes with her father's pack years after finally escaping the torment of her hated childhood? - Nami2013
    it is absolutly amazing to here that from you, i am touched that i have helped you and giving you courage througjh the words of my book. I hope that yiu are okay now and be sure to know that it you ever need someone else to talk to, i am willing to help. Tnak you so much for your comment, it has brightened my day. xoxo
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    Pleaz update I need details
    You got served, Alpha
    You got served,...
    NO 1. ALL TIME Popular in PARANORMAL & SUPERNATURAL Category! Do NOT read yet! Major EDITING going on. Add to your list instead. {A WEREWOLF rejection/romance/love story.} Lexine Winheart, a sixteen...
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