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    Another massive update, I'll try not to do it in large batches in future (although I do still have some catching up to do!), but for now please enjoy!
    Poetry 365 Challenge: A Poem A Day - 2015
    Poetry 365 Challen...
    I started this on Inkvite, then Wattpad, now I'm trying out Movellas! There is no real prize as such, just the adventure of expression, and bettering ourselves as writers. I'm no poetry expert but...
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    Do you want to read a preview of chapter 2 of Joanne and the genie? It's not finished but I need feedback. If the answer is yes, you must have app 'kik' add me and I will paste the text to you. My username is: undormant.
    Joanne & The Genie
    Joanne & The Genie
    A sassy, sarcastic twelve year old girl rubs an old copper kettle and releases a genie in a black suit with way too much hair gel. He isn't like the cliché 'genies' she might have expected. He doesn't...
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    Be honest, did the title of this book make you go 'eh' The Witch what? I came up with it and even to me it sticks in the throat as not reading quite right. Any suggestions on another title if that is the case? The Supreme Witch maybe?
    The Witch Arch
    The Witch Arch
    The Witch Arch. A simple Roman style doorway made out of stones in an arch, but a gateway to the Goddess of all Witches - Hecate. Under her influence, there is always a Supreme Witch in our realm, and...
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