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havinng a good life~two best freinds~New school~follow me on instagram @jadefromsubway~Like and comment on my books what you think~I hope to inspire people~Im sorry ive been gone ive been really busy moving things~love my school

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    So i know i haven't been on here in a long time to write a book. My life's just been so busy and i dont know if its good or bad. Right now im judging my life and dont know what is really happening like i dont know if this is a dream or reality. I'm having a hard time realizing that. And like everyday you get a chance to start over you get a lot of second chances and that's pretty cool. I want to start over with my books. I've honestly realized that movellas isn't just about writing fan fiction its about writing whats in your heart i dont want to write just fan fiction anymore and if you wont like my books just cuz its not fan fiction then good ahead and unfan me or unfollow me i dont care but realize that writing is like a talent. Everyone has different talents dont spend your writing talent on fan fiction write about other things to. But like i dont know if i should start over on here. Do you guys think i should?
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