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Name: Morgan Louise Riley
Age: 19
Birthday: February 2nd
Birth Place: Newcastle
Current Hometown: Colwyn Bay, Wales
Favorite 1D song: Moments
Favorite Little Mix song: Turn Your Face
Hair Color: Light Pink
Eye Color: Hazel
Relationship Status: Single

  • ItsMorgan:-P
    Won't be updating this week, school! I'll try to though! And won't be updating at all on Saturday, have a HUGE ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS COMPETITION that day. Wish me luck! :-)
    Hey! I'm Elounor's Daughter!
    Hey! I'm Elounor's...
    Hi, I'm Ellie, Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder (Tomlinson)'s daughter! Read about my life here, what its like being the child of a One Direction star! {Fan fiction, Elounor don't have a daughter. And...
    vor 7 Jahren
    Good luck! :D
    vor 7 Jahren
    Thanks S. R.Arora. Its over now, phew pressure off! :-)
  • ItsMorgan:-P

    mumbled "Updating"

    Won't be updating much this week! I will try to get in at least a chapter or so for each book, but I can't promise. I have school and homework and dance!

    P.s. On Saturday I won't be updating at all. I'm taking part in the Inverness Interschool Athletics Competition! So excited!!!!!
  • ItsMorgan:-P
    Great movella! Follow my cousin on Twitter: @242Amy424 and Instagram: amystagram_1
    Three Things
    Three Things
    "There's only two things I love in this world, Q." He chuckled, still standing only a few centimeters away from my face. I nodded with shaky lips. "Do you want to know what those two things are?" he said,...
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