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    Can I request a cover??
    Cover Store // opened for a limited time
    Cover Store // ope...
    I've been making covers for more than a year now and I think I'd like to make some for others
    vor 3 Jahren

    Title: Besides You
    Author: Alex
    Urgency: Not really urgent
    Picture: Either a manip of Calum and Luke together (5sos members) or a really REALLY good Cake(5sos Calum and Luke) picture, where they look in love and romancy stuff.
    Anything else: Under the title can you add 'Cake' with a small not fancy font. Thanks!
    mood: Romance, drama, heart break, fluff, mostly cuteness and stuff, with a bit of drama.

    thanks again!
    vor 3 Jahren
    sure, i'll start it soon!
    vor 3 Jahren

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