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  • ifancyharry

    mumbled "Nathalie's back"

    So heeey! I finally came back here after a year or so, and I've both improved my writing, changed way of writing and learned a whole lot more. And obviously my stories will be better from now on.
    Remember Irresistible or Red Tulips? I really wished I'd saved those novels so I could compare... I'm thinking of rewriting Red Tulips too, you who read that one, what do you think?

    ALSO, check out what I just posted, it's called "Am I A Fool (for falling for you?)" And I feel like it's going to be good!!! Love you <3
  • ifancyharry

    mumbled "HI AGAIN"

    Does anyone remember be? Cheekynathalie/ifancyharry or whatever... Anyways, I'm planning on posting something new, you guys interested?
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    I'm game. I just tripped and stumbled back into Movellas, so i'm probs not going anywhere
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    I'm up for it ((:
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    An Anonymous Directioner
    Yaaassss!!!!! You should add a Helen in there XD