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My name's Rochelle.
I smile a lot.
Laugh a lot.
Cry over the littlest things.
Can't stand to go a day without music.
Ship a lot of people together.
Have messy hair that tends to get annoying at moments.
Love reading.
Is in love with Perrie Edwards.
Hate my body; but slowly learning to love it.
But that's just me right?

  • ImOverTheClouds

    mumbled "Hello Everyone! "

    Hiya everyone! It's been a while hasn't it? Well, first off I am sooo sorry about not updating. Alot of things have been happening and just - bleh. ;w; Anywhores, I'm finally on Summer Vaction! (Oh yes!) which means more updates!! :DD I also created a new sorry called Change. It's a Ziall one. Hopefully you guys like it. Go check it out maybe? Eh, that's it. Just to wanted to tell you guys that I am back. c:
  • ImOverTheClouds

    mumbled "Just A Random Rant about the Niall & Asian Women thing. Dare To Read? "

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    Alright guys. This is just like some sort of rant that I'm doing and well...thought you guys could read it. First off, the whole Niall masturbating in Japan (( haven't heard yet? Look it up. Shouldn't miss it. It's pretty much everywhere babe. )) is ridiculous. I'm not saying that I know Niall but I don't think he would do that sort of thing IN A HOTEL ROOM. Like, everyone could hear you scream and moan and crap. Second? If he was doing it (( not saying he was )) then he shouldn't allow it to be broadcasting on the entire internet and the world *cough cough* just saying. Third? The way that she describes it makes me want to punch someone. Like, if your going to blackmail someone then don't make it sound like it never happened. Wanna know a hit? Create a real event and put yourself in it. Like ohmigod! Forth? ((Yes, Its THAT long )) in the recent pictures that I've found and read about it, she was saying that her sister and her were in the room when he was doing it. Then they even stated that their were not security guards standing outside his room. Gurl, you is cray cray. Who the heck would allow one of the boys to walk around in Japan? Their not asian so it's going to be hard to blend in. Especially with their accents to. Plus if you weren't guarding him (( like your suppose to do. Hints the 'security' part. )) you should be fried. What were you doing? Getting some sushi or something? I thought you were suppose to put people first before yourself. The point behind this? I think it's fake - but remember that's just me! I would understand if he had no one to take care of the problem down there but why.were.you.in.his. room...? At least pretend to be house keeping.... So yea, It felt good to get that out (: Now, please don't leave hateful comments. If your sharing your point of view well good for you. I just really don't want people starting crap thanks to this message.
  • ImOverTheClouds

    mumbled "Updates and other crap. "

    Alright, ladies and uh gentlemen? This "blog" is basically saying that updates will be off for a while. I might going over to a friends house later and maybe, just maybe their might be an update. Don't forget the might okay? Not so positive on that idea but just sayin~ School also started today and I got booked up with something for a concert that's going on at our school. I really could care less but It's on the 24...which gives me very little time.
    I just wanted to say that Chapter Seven/Eight might be a little while coming in. I'm trying to make it perfect since Niall finally admitted why he was going to attempt suicide. That's all I must say before I give something away. (:
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    I gotta say YOUR AWESOME!!!
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    Hey can you check out my movella ? It's new and I'd love some feedback? Oh and can you follow me back if you want?
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    Hey, I think you are very pretty and would love for you to read some of my Movellas and to become a fan if you want.
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