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"Assumptions are dangerous things to make. Like all dangerous things to make - bombs, for example, or strawberry shortcake - even the tinsiest mistake can end up in terrible trouble."
-Lemony Snicket

Hi. I'll give you a very brief summary of my life:
-A bookworm
-A Potterhead: Ravenclaw, 3rd Year.
-An initiate: Currently Erudite.
-A Tribute: Haven't actually chosen a district yet... mph.
-A musical OBSESSIVE: Cats, Barnum, Wicked, Little Shop, Starlight, Matilda, among others.
-I draw Quintin Blake pictures. I have about 10 at the moment, but neglected to post them. They're all his Matilda illustrations.
-A self-afflicted failure: I restrict myself from my own dreams by not quite doing what I'm truly after.
-A Wonderlander: I'm the mad hatter in disguise. Shh!
-I occasionally get despressed. Again, all my fault.
-Sherlockian. BENEDICT.

Feel free to post on a mumble of mine for a chat :)