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"Assumptions are dangerous things to make. Like all dangerous things to make - bombs, for example, or strawberry shortcake - even the tinsiest mistake can end up in terrible trouble."
-Lemony Snicket

Hi. I'll give you a very brief summary of my life:
-A bookworm
-A Potterhead: Ravenclaw, 3rd Year.
-An initiate: Currently Erudite.
-A Tribute: Haven't actually chosen a district yet... mph.
-A musical OBSESSIVE: Cats, Barnum, Wicked, Little Shop, Starlight, Matilda, among others.
-I draw Quintin Blake pictures. I have about 10 at the moment, but neglected to post them. They're all his Matilda illustrations.
-A self-afflicted failure: I restrict myself from my own dreams by not quite doing what I'm truly after.
-A Wonderlander: I'm the mad hatter in disguise. Shh!
-I occasionally get despressed. Again, all my fault.
-Sherlockian. BENEDICT.

Feel free to post on a mumble of mine for a chat :)

  • ImogenOliviaPearl

    mumbled "Umm... Hey."

    Two more chapters added to FFTMT. If you want to read them, please go ahead. Can't guarantee I'll be active on many books, but that one has a special place for me. So, yeah. Feel free, I guess? I know - I haven't been on for two years. Count yourselves lucky! Imogen :) xx
    vor 5 Jahren
    Very happy to see you online again! Loved the new chapters FFTMT! :)
  • ImogenOliviaPearl

    mumbled "What happened?"

    Seriously, NoMovellasDecember one minute, now I come on to check and JK and loads of others are back on and are now "ambassidors"! Someone care to explain?
    vor 7 Jahren
    Thanks Lia. But, what about NMD?
    Kameka H.
    vor 7 Jahren
    People realised they couldn't uphold their promise because Movellas is too addictive. :(
    I'm an Ambassador! Woohoo! :D
    vor 6 Jahren
    Please update your movella , fight for th movellas throne, it is amazing!
  • ImogenOliviaPearl

    mumbled "*Sigh*"

    I don't think I can do this. NoMovellasDecember hasn't even begun yet, and I'm already having qualms. One hour and fifteen minutes from now, I'm going to be stuck with nothing to do for a month. Sounds silly, yes. Selfish? Perhaps. But Movellas has become my life recently, and I'm not sure about a whole month away. So, if I don't come back (which I almost certainly will) here is my reason why. xx
    vor 7 Jahren
    Hey ! This is my new movellas account, my last one i forgot the password!!!
  • ImogenOliviaPearl

    mumbled "NoMovellasDecember"

    This is ImogenOliviaPearl signing off, then...no more updates, so more even being online (hopefully), until 2013. I'm going to turn off all my email notifications for a month, while I attempt to write things properly on a word doccument. Bye then, and have a merry Christmas, or whatever else you may celebrate over this month. G'bye! :) xx
  • ImogenOliviaPearl

    mumbled "Crossover!"

    I've entered the crossover comp, with my new movella the Pirate Odyssey! Probably a bit adventurous, but oh well. I went a bit in the style of Lemony Snicket, and a bit me. I had great fun with the cover took, using the new editor thing, and even putting an eyepatch on the moon! Please read, comment like and fave :) It's not a great story, but i'd appreciate it xx